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Engage with your complex equipment data (operational, sensors, engineering, maintenance logs etc..) , combine with in-built data science and subject matter expertise for comprehensive data analysis, intelligent reasoning, context specific reccomendations to achieve quantum leap in accuracies in maintenance, field service and Enterprise Asset Management workflows.

To manage ever increasing complexity at scale, Our platform driven by generativeAI technology and machine learning enable your operational engineers, technicians and data analysts to achieve KPIs for operational performance, maintenance excellence, consistent service quality & efficiency and equipment life cycle management.

spiderAI™, an AI native platform : APIs, co-pilots provided over serverless or dedicated server options.

  • Provides instant access to contextual data through an comprehensive information retrieval system, easing navigation of vast technical documentation.
  • Empower fast, evidence based decision-making using intelligent reasoning & mathematical analysis for evidence-based recommendations.
  • Streamline workflows with a conversational interface akin seasoned expert, facilitating customised report generation & enable compliance, safety protocols.
  • Generates customized insights tailored to unique industrial needs, enabling visualization of real-time data & predictive analytics.
  • Deepen understanding, explaining the reasoning behind analyses with relevant graphs to foster trust & clarity in AI-driven decisions.

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